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     Little Heart Talent Education Studio was conceived out of the idea that all children can learn music and play beautifully. Parent involvement, encouragement, hard work, and collaboration are the ideals of this studio that will make that happen. As a Suzuki trained teacher, Deborah understands that a child’s character must be first above all else. Every child has the capability of loving and being loved but the child must be taught. As Suzuki said,  “Where love is deep much can be accomplished.”  When a child has begun to feel what is in the heart of another, then his or her music will begin to blossom. This is the very essence of music. Without this, music becomes only meaningless sounds. By combining a mix of Suzuki philosophy, the Kodaly concept and Dalcroze principals, this studio offers a perfect, well-rounded musical experience to equip any student for future success. 

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"Only practice on the days you eat. - " Shinichi Suzuki

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