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Zoltan Kodaly(1882-1967), was a prominent Hungarian composer. After visiting and observing schools, he became aware of a need for improvement in the quality of singing and music training in teachers and students. He believed that music is for everyone and he diligently sought to reform music education in the schools. He said that "music is a spiritual food for everybody." Kodaly believed that music is meant to develop one’s entire being-personality, intellect and emotions.



The voice is the most natural instrument and everyone posses it. Your child should expect do do a lot of singing in private and group lessons. Kodaly believed that singing should proceed instrumental training. By singing, the child uses his or her own voice as a model for musicality. Singing develops the inner ear and understanding of musical function. 

Folk Music

There can not be a better way to teach music than by using songs and games used for centuries. Folk music is the music of the people. In group and private lessons we will use familiar tunes to help the students understand musical concepts. Folk music works hand and hand with art music and helps bridge that gap.


Solfege is a wonderful aid to guide inner hearing. It is a way of putting a name to a sound and function. I use the movable do system in lessons. With solfege, students will learn dictation, hear and sing harmony, develop musical memory, perceive musical form and more. With solfege they will refine their listening skills needed to be excellent musicians. 

Music and Quality

In agreement with the Kodaly concept, I strive to provide only the best music for my students. Students will sing and play folk music that is representative of their culture and music of the masters. Quality teaching also means quality training. It is my desire to never stop learning both as a musician and a teacher.

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